2024 Student & Graduate Design


Supporting Young Design Talent


Design students and apprentices (all relevant design disciplines) aged sixteen or over and thosewho have graduated within the last 36 months.

Up to three entries per applicant are admissible.

The Prizes

  • £1000 cash prize. (In the event of a joint winner, it will be shared).
  • Design Award Certificate plus PR exposure in the design and retail sectors.
  • Winning entries will be displayed at The International Spring Fair and The Autumn Fair NEC.
  • The winners will be invited to collect their awards at the event with a friend (expenses paid)
  • Runners up will be featured in media information and publicity.

The Brief

1) Prepare a visual presentation of packaging for any one of the following to be sold in the toiletries/personal care section of the mainstream UK supermarket or high street store groups.

This would include the label (front view) with an image of the container and the closure (cap/top/pump etc)

  • Bath & shower gel
  • Body butter
  • Body scrub
  • Bath salts
  • Facial moisturiser (cream or serum)

2) The product design must have a well-being and/or functional purpose e.g. stress relief, energy, sleep, balance, tranquillity, serenity, peace, wake up, bath time joy, beauty fun, party mood or beauty fun, after gym/sport and/or cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise, soothe, calm, hydrate, etc.

3) Ingredient or fragrance names e.g. lavender, raspberry, caramel* etc are often (but not always) integral to the visual design. However please note that product content formulation is not part of the brief. The design will be judged on visual shelf presence and consumer appeal.

*If original images are part of your design, they must be licence free or please select from freepik.com (all including professional but be sure to include the credit link)

4) The design must highlight (either visually or in text on the packaging) vegan formula, recyclable packaging, ocean safe and cruelty free.

5) 3D presentation of the label(s) on the bottle or container is preferred but not essential. Creative vision and delivery in the context of consumer trends is what will be judged. If presenting in 2D please include a photograph of the preferred bottle or container with full description.

6) The target consumer is aged 18 to 35, eco and budget conscious. They may be purchasing for self or as a gift.

7) Superfluous or expensive packaging components e.g. outer boxes or non-typical bottle/container shapes must be avoided for eco and store budget reasons.

8) If a brand name suggestion is part of your design, then please ensure that it is general language e.g. bliss in the bath or relax and unwind etc. If it is in anyway unique e.g. Bodyworks, please check here to ensure that it is trademark free before presenting.

Submission Criteria

The visual submission must be supported by demonstrable proof that your design would satisfy consumer motivations, and preferences in the context of current trends.

This may take the form of a report, and/or a mood board or any other suitable method of your choice to accompany your design.

Please forward your submission via any mainstream design or communication platform. If larger than 8mb a virtual link is preferred.



If further information is required by participants or college tutors please message Julie Foster (UK Brand Manager) Tel. 07484311491 or email at the above address.